RBI policy - Comments of Khushru Jijina, MD, Piramal Capital and Housing Finance

MUMBAI : The 25 bps cut in policy rates is a welcome move and in line with industry expectations as well as with central banks in advanced economies. Resulting lower cost of funds would help the NBFC sector to recover faster and its positive effects would trickle down to the larger sections of the economy namely real estate and MSMEs.
NBFCs would also benefit from RBI’s decision to link bank risk weights on NBFC exposures to the rating of such instruments. This would improve flow of bank credit to the better managed NBFCs, helping segregate the men from boys.

This alongwith the harmonization of Asset Finance Companies (AFC), Loan Companies, and Investment Companies, into a single category would fastrack the process of consolidation in this space, as we have been expecting for some time.

Additionally we also welcome the relaxation in FPI limits investing in corporate bonds and feel that this is the right step towards deepen the Indian debt markets.

Khushru Jijina, MD, Piramal Capital and Housing Finance- 2/7/2019 2:58:27 PM