Konark Sarangi’s “Hausla Na Ruthe” touches hearts

The Eastern state of Odisha has borne the brunt of many natural calamities. Cyclones, floods and droughts have ravaged the state for years. In recent history, one of the most devastating ones, was the 1999 Super Cyclone that took fifty thousand lives. Paying homage to a hero of that tragedy is singer Konark Sarangi’s latest single “Hausla Na Ruthe”. The song, featuring versatile singer-actor Ila Arun, is an ode to the inspiring story of Charu Maa. The music video was unveiled on November 21st, 2018 at Estella, Mumbai in the presence of distinguished guests.

Konark Sarangi is a California-based vocalist, trained in Indian classical music by Padmashree Pandit Ramakant Gundecha. In 2016, he collaborated with Sanjoy Dazz and Ambar Das (Music) and Snehasis Das (Concept & Direction) to create ‘The Stories Untold” – a music video project series that focuses on the social issues of today. Their last release, the immensely successful single “Ghar Jaana Hai”, was released in 2017. It was a lilting homage to the families affected by drought & migration, that won the team 23 Official Selections and 6 Awards across the world, including Miami Beach Film Festival, Richmond International Film Festival, Western New York Film, Art & Music Event, Accolade Global Film Competition, European Cinematography Awards and Los Angeles Film Awards.

The team has come together again for “Hausla Na Ruthe”, the next song in the video series, to bring the spotlight on the incredible courage of Charu Maa and the villagers. When the super cyclone hit Odisha on October 29, 1999, it left behind a ravaged state. Charu Maa, a resident of Gundalba village, was devastated to see the precious forests around their village completely destroyed. Not giving up, she pulled together a group of courageous women who faced nature’s fury and fought back to restore the entire forest. Her incredible journey has been portrayed by Ila Arun in the video.

Rare combination of both being drummers but also plays other instruments. Based now in Mumbai but originally from Kolkata & Assam respectively, have worked with the noted Bengali Film Director Rituparno Ghosh on ten films like Dosar, Last Lear, Sunglass and Naukadubi to name a few. Here they've been working in collaboration with Ila Arun & KK Raina with their Theatre group 'Surnai' on plays like Peer Ghani, Peechha Karti Parchhaiyan, Shabd Leela & latest on floor Baby's Blues. They have done over 200 Jingles now in Mumbai.

Gima and Radio Mirchi nominated lyricist, has a vast experience of writing songs of different genres...From classical, ghazals to film songs and Jingles to Romantic young Love Songs. Best known for her debut nominated song - Rehnuma, which was also face of Hollywood film Chronicles of Narnia in India and her soulful Coke Studio Ghazal Benaam Si Khwaahishein, she says that her personal favourite songs are those which are created for a higher cause and will live with meaning and purpose, even after she is gone.

This lady needs no introduction as she has been an inspiration to us and many around the world as she stands for Women Empowerment and various ‘Cause’ related projects. With a mesmerizing folk voice and rustic power she still amazes everyone wherever she goes.

Says Konark Sarangi, “This video has been conceived to bring focus on this incredible story which has never reached the common people. Charu Maa is a change maker and hero who needs to be celebrated. We have tried our best to keep her unfettered spirit alive in the lyrics and composition. She never gave up, and her life is a testament to the power of human will. Ila ji has been amazing, and we were thrilled to have Charu Maa with us during the shoot. We hope the people will see and absorb the magnitude of her courage through our song “Hausla Na Ruthe”

Added Ms. Ila Arun, “It has been my complete honour to depict Charu Maa’s grit and will-power in the music video. She is everything that a strong woman stands for. Her story and the song, both really moved me. It’s an immense effort to restore an entire forest. It requires unending passion, back-breaking labour and an unwavering belief. I have always believed that when women decide to come together to fight something, there’s no stopping them. Charu Maa’s story reinstated my faith in the power of a woman’s conviction. I am sure her story will now reach millions, as it should”

The August gathering raised a toast to the indomitable spirit of Charu Maa, and in turn, the people of Odisha, in the face of grave calamities. The video is directed by Snehasis Das with lyrics by Pinky Poonawala, music by Sanjoy Dazz and Ambar Das and vocals by Konark Sarangi. The video will be available on YouTube & Facebook and also on music platforms like iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Amazon Music.

“It’s high time we respect nature!”

News Bureau- 11/23/2018 3:03:33 PM